Thursday, 15 October 2015

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Hey guys it's Phoebe here! Recently I finally caved in and bought the Real Techniques Sculpting Set. I had wanted this for ages, and I think it featured in our Summer Wishlist post, because I only have one cheek brush (from the Nics Picks set). As you can imagine, it was getting difficult trying to highlight, contour and apply blush with the same brush, so this was the perfect set for me.

This set contains three gorgeous shiny pink brushes, compared to the usual matte ones in the normal range. It was £20.99 in Superdrug which means you basically get three for the price of two - which is a great deal! The set includes a contour brush, a highlight brush and a setting brush. They're so soft! The set is themed around the idea of having a perfectly contoured face, and helps you achieve that shaping and enhance your natural features.

Sculpting Brush ♡ 
This brush is absolutely perfect for contouring. It fits in the hollow of your cheeks amazingly due to it being fairly dense and has an angled head; but also is still able to blend the product naturally. You could also use this for foundation if you wanted to! I use this brush with the second darkest shade in my Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette which works perfectly for me.

Fan Brush ♡
This brush can be used in a variety of ways: powder, highlighting, precise contouring on the nose, sweeping excess makeup off such as eyeshadow fall out. It is an extremely versatile brush which is what I love most about it! So far I have only used it for highlighting. This brush is perfect for creating a precise but natural glow to the cheekbones! The fan brush is the exclusive brush in the set, so you cannot buy this separately.

Setting Brush ♡
This brush is so fluffy and amazing haha! I use this for banana powder under my eyes or for controlled application of highlight or translucent powder to set my makeup. Like the fan brush, it is quite multi purpose. This brush is also in the original range, but I think it is one of those brushes that is worth having two of, so that they do different things!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Byeee! x


  1. These brushes seem really nice :)

  2. I want this set so much, the brushes sound so good! I love RT brushes, I recently picked up the Core Collection and I love it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Abida also has the core collection, very jealous haha! :) xx