Monday, 26 October 2015

On The Go Beauty

Hey guys, it's Phoebe! This post is all about on the go beauty. 
So I will be sharing a makeup look which is perfect for if you don't have enough room to take your normal full face makeup products, or if you need to touch up quickly before an event or something. All these products are really compact or even multipurpose so perfect for travel!

First of is primer. Even if you are in a rush or on the go, I don't think you should skip primer, I think it's such an important step that makes such a difference to how your makeup turns out. I suggest taking the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer.
This creates a perfect, smooth base for your makeup while helping it stay on that little bit longer. Also, because it is a creamy texture, it is incredibly easy to work into your skin, unlike a silicone texture like Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. 

For foundation, I would recommend the Max Factor FaceFinity Foundation Powder. This is so easy to just sweep onto your face and blends like a dream. It feels like a second skin and has decent coverage so you won't need to touch up too much or spend ages buffing it in. And best of all, the sponge that comes with it, is actually good!

Concealer wise I would suggest to use the Max Factor Mastertouch Under Eye Concealer. 
Although targeted as an under eye concealer, this concealer does wonders for all over the face as well. It is very lightweight in consistency but has a good coverage so you won't need too much, meaning creasing is avoided.

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette is perfect to bring along because it consists of a translucent powder, a banana powder, three highlights and three contour shades. This means you can set your makeup and add definition to your face in one handy kit that costs under a tenner, perfect!

To add a flush to your cheeks, the Little Round Pot Blush in Rose D'Or by Bourjois is perfect due to its small packaging. It is a pink with gold flecks of shimmer running through it, and adds  healthy glow to your cheeks.

I've added two eyeshadow options, one being the Maybelline Color Tattoo in 65 Pink Gold. 
This is a gorgeous pink gold, as the name would suggest, and is easy to pack on with just your finger, making it perfect for on the go. Because it's cream, you won't need a brush with it unless you want a really precise application. My other option is a eyeshadow quad, I chose my personalised Mac Quad, but any will do the trick just fine. Usually quads have just enough eyeshadows to create a put-together eyeshadow look. I know that Rimmel do some good ones!

Any mascara would be fine to take, I chose my L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara. If you wanted to go all out on small packaging, Benefit do mini versions of their mascaras!

Finally for lips, the Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rosé is perfect because it is moisturising, adds a bit of colour and sheen to the lips, while still being more than easy to apply. Of course this won't give your lips loads of colour, so if you would refer, bring a lipgloss or lipstick of your choice! This also has super small, thin packaging to easily slot in your bag, purse or pocket.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!

Byeee! x


  1. I use the Max Factor FaceFinity liquid foundation and it's my fave one at the moment! I always really want to try one of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I've wanted to try that for so long, given how much I love the powder foundation! Theyre amazing, definitely recommend! :) xx

    2. Fabulous look for in a rush/on the go (which tbh is everyday!) Bobo xoxo