Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Blogpost Idea For Everyday in October

This post was originally scheduled to be a September favourites, but neither of us had anything to speak about that we hadn't raved about already all month - so we didn't want to just repeat the same things about the same products. Since our 'A Blogpost For Everyday in October' post was so popular (you can read that here), we decided to post another.

1. Halloween Lush wishlist
2. What are your favourite cosy jumpers?
3. Your favourite TV shows/movies to watch by the fire
4. Vampy lipstick must haves
5. A guide to Halloween makeup
6. Cosy books to read this autumn
7. How to take bright photos in the darker days
8. A tour of what's in your shower/bathroom
9. Do a colour themed post - blush, gold, burgundy
10. Multimasking 101
11. Pamper routine
12. Halloween costume wishlist
13. Do you switch up your skincare routine for the colder months?
14. Talk about the cute, little coffee shops in your area
15. Share a photo of your carved pumpkin!

16. What are your favourite candles to burn in autumn?
17. Share your week of autumn outfits
18. Halloween DIYs or recipes
19. 4 hobbies to take up this autumn
20. Share an autumn inspired makeup look
21. Do a roundup of a part of your makeup collection
22. Share your top posts from last autumn
23. If you've stocked up your autumn wardrobe, share your latest buys!
24. What's your favourite month/season or why?
25. Do you prefer a matte or radiant look in the colder months, share a look on it!

26. Favourite bronzers for a faux glow
27. 5 brands to watch this autumn
28. 10 things you love about Halloween
29. How to host the best Halloween party
30. Moisturisers to tackle the cold weather
31. The Lip Balm Edit

I hope these ideas were helpful!



  1. Wow! This is so helpful - I love the idea that on a day you feel like posting but don't know what to write you can come here and look at what day of the month it is, then blog that ❤️ Will you be doing more of these for November and December? Lily Lea xx

    1. If people want to see more then definitely! xx

  2. This is a great list. So many lovely ideas, I am taking notes right now and I will definitely use some of your ideas for future posts!


  3. Great ideas!! I've done a lip balm post with my top 3 and it's definitely one of my most viewed posts :)
    Kathy x

  4. Definitely will keep these posts in mind!

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

  5. This is a great idea thank you! x