Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Brow Rundown

Hello, October. September went quickly, I had my Biology GCSE remarked actually, as I was one mark off an A*, and I managed to gain a few more marks and go up a grade :) We've never done a post specifically about brow products, and it's not something I think we touch on often. And so, here is a roundup of my brow products and what I love to use.

One of my most recent purchases is the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil mini that came with ELLE magazine a few months back. The packaging is silver with geometric detail and light pink lettering, which I love. Unfortunately the mini doesn't come with a spoolie on the end, but the full size does. I have the shade 3 which is a bit light for my brows, but the main reason I don't get on with this product is because there is zero pigment! I don't understand, am I using it wrong? Unless I scrape it heavily across my brow, which isn't top of my list, I don't get anything.

A better product in my collection is Soap and Glory Archery. This has a pen brush-like applicator on one end, and a brow pencil on the other. The brow pencil is something I never use because I have the same problem as with the aforementioned Benefit product. However the pen end is incredible, the pigmentation and application are amazing and it stays in place through rain and snow.

The Freedom Brow Pomades are a lifesaver for me. I like to use it when I feel like having a slightly stronger brow, and I use it on the ends of my brows. I currently own the shade Ash Brown but the shade Soft Brown is my direct match (I swatched it in store, need to buy it soon!) Despite the fact that the shade I own is too dark for me, I love this pomade because it is so affordable yet great quality.

I always use the same brush when applying product to my brows, and that's the Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush from the limited edition Nic's Picks set. I wish all the RT brushes came in metallic packaging like this, for example gold or brass, rose gold, etc. I think it looks better than the orange etc. I don't use this brush for eyeliner as it is the perfect shape for filling in my brows, as it is angled.

Lastly, the product I use every single day is Sleek eyeshadow in 'Bark'. This comes in the Au Naturel palette which I've reviewed recently here, its the third shade from the left on the bottom row. The shade of this matte eyeshadow is the exact shade of my eyebrows, a cool toned mid brown. Pigmentation is strong but easy to work with, and I barely need any product to fill them in, so there's only a dent in the pan depsite it being used almost everyday for one and a bit years.

What brow products do you love using?



  1. I just can't get them hang of doing my brows😂 I really want to get the new brow promade from benefit because it was just perfect when the lady used it on me. But it's quite pricey so I might try the freedom one. Thanks for the post because I really needed it xx

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

    1. I really want to try that, it looks amazing. Glad you enjoyed xx

  2. I love to use a pomade on my brows, my favorite one is definitely the ABH one, but the Freedom on seems like a great dupe. Great post!
    Grace xx

  3. soap & glory does by far the best brow products. i love their brow pencils so sooooo much.

  4. I don't own many brow products and I need to purchase some asap. I have 1-2brow pencils which I really hate and do not work for me!


  5. I wish I could get Freedom in NZ, the brow pomade looks so good!
    Kathy x

    1. If you have Makeup Revolution over there (not sure if you do) there are coming out with new pomades! xx