Tuesday, 27 September 2016

An Ode To The Underdogs

I think quite a lot of my collection can be considered underrated products, mainly because I sometimes buy things on a whim (which sometimes turns out for the better, some for the worse). I decided to dedicate a whole post in sharing these products which I love, that I feel don't get enough credit on blogs. Some of these products I don't even mention that much because I even forget how good they are!

BOURJOIS HEALTHY MIX CONCEALER | £7.99 you can buy it here

I hear everybody raving about the foundation of the same range all the time, but no one whispers a word about this concealer - which is strange considering how popular the Healthy Mix Foundation/Serum is! This concealer is a yellow toned formula, that smells quite strongly of fresh apricots, which I love. It covers dark circles incredibly due to the yellow and purple cancelling out. It also does a great job of covering spots and staying on a long time.

BOURJOIS HEALTHY BALANCE POWDER | £8.99 you can buy it here

Okay, okay - I only bought this a few days ago; but that was after pining for it for months. This powder, also from the same range as the concealer, is so buttery soft yet instantly after application sets my face matte. Again, it is yellow toned which is great. The glossy red packaging looks so classy and elegant I think!


I'm that person who doesn't have the famous Solstice palette but I do have the Precious Metals palette (although I really want it!!) Precious Metals is like the forgotten sister of Solstice. The main differences are tht the colours in the palette are gold, and three of the four are cream. I love the formula and colour of every single shade in the palette and I strongly recommend it.

RIMMEL BLUSH 'PINK ROSE' | £3.99 you can buy it here

This was a product I bought ona whim because I felt like spending the rest of my money (why did I have that mindset?) Luckily I chose well and I do really like this blush. Its the most gorgeous nude pink with a satin finish, I don't own anything like it.

BOURJOIS ROUGE EDITION VELVET 'DON'T PINK OF IT!' | £7.99 you can buy it here

I find the packaging and name of these lipsticks quite luxurious, and this specific colour is one that would suit a lot of people. It's quite a pink nude but not difficult to wear at all. It dries really quickly and feels so comfortable on the lips, and not to mention how long it lasts!

MAYBELLINE COLOUR TATTOO 'CREAMY BEIGE' | £4.99 you can buy it here

Whoaaaaa this product is long wearing. Like, seriously, when I swatched it for this post I couldn't wash it off. Essentially this cream eyeshadow is just a matte light brown, but its how blendable and smoky it can look that really impresses me. In the pot its not the most exciting colour but when blended on the eyelid it can look like a natural, effortless smokey eye.

L-R: Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette (4 shades), Rimmel Pink Rose Blush,
Maybelline Creamy Beige Color Tattoo

What products do you own that you consider underdogs?



  1. i really, really like the rouge edition velvets. they are so comfy for day to day wear.


  2. The Bourjois healthy mix concealer is a product I haven't been able to try yet!
    Kathy x