Friday, 23 September 2016

20 Things We Love About Autumn

Every year we both get so excited for the autumn months, to be honest there's always a list of reasons every single season about why we look forward to them all! There's just something about autumn, isn't there? Especially among bloggers - maybe its the scenic shots of red leaves or the fleeky vampy lipstick or the 'pumpskin spice lattes'. Anyway, here are 20 reasons why we love autumn.

1. Hot chocolate
2. Different coloured leaves
3. Wearing snuggly jumpers
4. Trees look pretty
5. Halloween
6. Get to wear burgundy lipstick
7. Bonfire night
8. Candles
9. Warm fires
10. Movie marathons
11. Cosy socks
12. Buying a new winter coat
13. Lots and lots of rain
14. Cute scarves and gloves
15. Early sunsets
16. Christmas excitement
17. Seeing conkers on the ground everywhere
18. Cold, crisp mornings
19. Eating lots of stews and soups and the likes
20. Having warm baths on cold days

We could probably think of another 20 to be honest.. do you relate to these reasons? Do you have any others? Let us know!

P.S we have made a new instagram under the name @phoebida_ due to lack of engagement on our current account, we were only losing followers because we felt that people only followed us for a follow back. so we have started afresh, and are making a gradual transition onto this new account.



  1. Totally agree with what you've said, I love watching rain hit the windows during autumn for some reason haha😊 Leonie x

  2. Loved the post girls! And what a coincidence! I've got the same post scheduled for tomorrow, haha xx

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

    1. Aha thats so weird! Looking forward to reading it xx

  3. Lovely post, I love the cosy nights in and obviously Christmas too!
    Grace xx