Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What Abida Got Me!

Hi everyone! It's Phoebe, and today I am going to be sharing what Abida bought me to celebrate 1 year of being best friends! She will be doing a post on what I got her in a couple of days :)

Sorry for the bad lighting!

So she put everything together in this cute see through bag which will be perfect for travelling. Firstly there is a body scrub and body wash by Mandara Spa. The scent is Honeymilk Dream; which really does smell like a dream! I haven't used them yet but can't wait to! She also got me a matching bath lily.

Next are the Charlie sprays. Words cannot explain how good these smell!! She got me Pink, Red, Bittersweet (orange lid), and also Shimmer (purple lid). My favourites are Shimmer and Bittersweet! They are so nice! Shimmer smells like dark vanilla and Bittersweet smells like summery fruits!

Lastly is something I've been secretly wanting for ages which is the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in the shade Pink me Up. I've even wanted this exact shade, I don't know how Abida knew! My lips have been so chapped recently and nothing had been working on them, but when she gave me this I used it and honestly it has saved my lips! It smells like medicine and tingles when you apply it, so you can really tell it's working. They are unbelievably moisturising!

Thank you Abida for all this!!

Byeee x

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