Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Phoebe's Skincare Routine

Hey its Phoebe again and today I'm going to be talking you through my skincare routine! It's completely affordable and it's what works for my skin! My skin type is combination, it's very blemished, with a couple of dry patches.

So if it's the evening then I'll take my Garnier Micellar Water which is really good for removing makeup (if it's the morning I skip this step obviously). I use quite big, square cotton pads because they are more effective and it means you don't need to use millions of tiny cotton balls! This micellar water removes face and eye makeup!

Now that my face is completely stripped of makeup, I'll cleanse! I use the Garnier Comforting Cream Wash but I prefer the The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash. Both of these cleansers are good for normal or dry skin but I wouldn't recommend them for oily skin.

After that I use the Simple Soothing Toner all over my face to further cleanse any impurities and get rid of any left over traces of makeup or face wash; and while I wait for that to dry I brush my teeth.

Next I take some Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop and dab it on spots and spot scars. This is the only tea tree oil that has ever worked for my skin! To further help spots I'll rub in some Sudocrem!

I have incredibly chapped lips so I use the Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Pink Me Up from Maybelline which is honestly a life saver, I talk about it in further depth in my last post!
Also, under my eyes gets quite dry so I take the The Body Shop (can you tell I love this shop?) Vitamin E Eye Cream and pat that in. This is quite pricey for an eye cream but I swear by it.

Finally, I will moisturise with the Garnier Moisture Match for dry skin. I got this when my skin was in a really dry phase and I literally couldn't wear makeup and my face would hurt constantly. But it was all saved by this and the Botanics Super Balm (which I don't use unless I have an emergency dry patch) I haven't stopped using it since because it smells like a dream and is easily absorbed for such a rich formula!

This all usually takes about 20 minutes but I really enjoy it so I think it's worth the time! Also, alongside this routine I like to drink at least 1.6 litres of water a day. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Byeee x

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