Wednesday, 7 December 2016

How to Get Glowing Skin this Winter

I think, in the past couple of years, the whole 'matte skin for winter' trend has really died down. Everyone wants to be radiant and dewy all year round. However in winter it can be a lot harder to achieve, what with the harsh, cold air that really dries out most people's skin. My skin is very susceptible to weather changes, and as soon as winter hits I always struggle with dry, flaky skin.

I've used a variety of products and methods in the past few weeks to counteract this, combat the dry patches and bring back some glow. I know a lot of people have the same problem at this time of year so I thought I'd share what I've been doing with you all.

Not that these tips are in order, but this has to be my number one tip for unusually dry skin. Nothing helps more than very gently exfoliating at least once a day. This just gets rid of all the troublesome flakes on the skin, and provides a fresh surface to apply a rich moisturiser soon afterwards. I've been loving this little Clinique mini I picked up, it is so gentle yet effective.

One of the things I'm a huge advocate for all year round is making sure I drink as much water as possible. It sounds like such a gimmick but it is one of the biggest factors that change my skin, I really notice if I haven't drunk enough in a few days. Not only does it help with spots and spot scars but, of course, it hydrates your skin - perfect to combat the dryness in a healthy way.

Using charcoal masks, like this one from Sanctuary Spa, gives the most gorgeous lit from within glow. Charcoal is supposes to draw any impurities or bacteria to the surface of your skin, so that when you rinse the mask off, you're left with a beautifully clean, smooth face. So many brands do them, Origins and The Body Shop are meant to do amazing charcoal masks.

Probably the most obvious way to achieve glowing skin, highlighter. I feel like 2016 has been the year when everyone was obsessed with highlighter. Benefit's High Beam is one of my faves for a super radiant glow, because it doesn't look like highlighter on your face (forgot to swatch it!!) There are so many that I love, my favourites being ones that give a healthy glow, rather than just highlight sitting on your cheekbones.

L-R: TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer,  highlight from Maybelline Bricks Bronzer, Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt Palette (highlight and blush), highlight from Seventeen Define & Conquer Kit, Bourjois Rose D'Or Blush

I'm super scared of blush, haha. It doesn't take much product for me to start looking a bit ridiculous. So usually I tend to stay away from it. However, I think sheer blushes with a slight shimmer running through them are easy to work with and perfect to give radiance in the colder months. One of my more recently discovered blushes is in this palette from Makeup Revolution that I've had for around a year.

What tips do you have? Share them in the comments!



  1. I used to be all about the matte skin during the winter months, but now I've definitely changed! I think because my skin is so dry, I definitely don't need to and want to draw more attention to it! It's so important to drink loads of water! I also recommend using the Mac strobe cream mixed into foundation, adds such a healthy glow! xx

    1. The strobe cream sounds like such a lovely product! xx

  2. Great tips and photos! I've always been a dewy/glowy skin kind of girl. I can't not wear highlight. I'm obsessed with it xx

    Lauren |

  3. Water is my number one for a healthy dewy skin! And totally agree with gentle exfoliating as it keeps the face fresh. Lovely post as always xx

    Najida | The Average Gurl x

  4. Great tips! I totally agree with all of them. Though I am pretty guilty of not drinking much water, haha.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge