Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Blogpost Idea For Everyday In December

I've been looking forward to writing the December edition of this series because all of the post ideas get me so excited for the festive season. I just love reading blogposts around the Christmas period because they're so cosy and carry that sort of excitement that comes when the countdown to Christmas starts. If you're stuck for ideas for the festive season, here's an idea to get through the everyday in December..

1. Share your top nail polish picks for the party season
2. Create a Christmas jumper wishlist
3. An edit of long-lasting red lipsticks
4. Outings to go on during December
5. Things to do on a snowy day if you don't like snow
6. Asos wishlist for the party season
7. Top places to find Christmas presents
8. Creative ways to wrap gifts
9. Easy ways to wear your hair
10. How to get long lasting flawless base
11. How to choose a foundation shade for you
12. Share an edit of cute Christmas decorations
13. How to prepare for your New Year resoultions
14. Highlights from 2016
15. Create a gift guide or two

16. Who are your favourite people to follow on Snapchat?
17. Share some throwback holiday photos
18. Tips for creating a healthy Christmas menu
19. How to stay fit in winter
20. Winter skincare saviours
21. How to avoid feeling guilty about your festive food baby
22. Treat yourself to a pre-xmas gift and write a review!
23. Share your Christmas traditions
24. Share your Christmas list from this year
25. Merry Christmas! Wish your followers a nice day & take the day off
26. What I Got For Christmas (if you're into that kinda post!)
27. Did you pick up anything in the Boxing Day sales?
28. New Year's party wishlist
29. Update on your 2016 resolutions
30. Share your 2017 resolutions
31. 2016 Favourites & Happy New Year's Eve!!

December's such an exciting month for festivities! Whats your favourite month? Mines April!



  1. These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, Liz

  2. nicee
    please go check out my blog:

  3. Great post! I am always looking forward to these monthly posts because I get so many ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing so many fab ideas!
    Kristy X