Tuesday, 13 December 2016

A Cosy Winter Pamper Routine

Nothing's better than a pamper session on a cold winter night, right? The sun goes down at 3:54PM at the moment which can feel a little dull, especially at the end of a school term. But you can easily use these early evenings to run a good old bubble bath and take some time out for yourself during this hectic month.

Mandara Spa is one of my favourite brands for bath products, and I love running a bath using their milk bath from their 'Tropical Blooms' range. I unfortunately can't find the link for this but I'm pretty sure Sainsbury's stocks a lot of their products. This just makes the bath water so silky soft.

If I have any Lush bath bombs lying around, (I haven't stocked up in forever!), I love to use one. My favourites include Sakura, Avobath and Twilight. There's just something about Lush products specifically, which make a pamper evening complete.

After a bath I love to slap on a face mask, and my favourites are the Sanctuary Spa ones. They're fairly pricey for Boots but work so well, and last a long time too. I got my full size charcoal mask on Boxing Day and it doesn't seem to be running out yet!

I love using moisturisers and body butters because they make my skin glow, and of course makes my arms etc feel smooth and treated. I love the body butters by The Body Shop, specifically this cocoa butter one. I also am a fan of Soap and Glory's moisturisers.

What are your pamper favourites?



  1. You can't beat a pamper evening! I love that Sanctuary mask! xx


  2. Everyone deserves a good pamper :) The lush bath bombs are totally on my wish list! My favorite way to pamper myself is by using a sheet mask :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I've only recently tried sheet masks and I'm in love! xx