Saturday, 9 April 2016

High Street vs High End: Contour

Hey everybody. Today is a start of a new series which will be comparing high end and high street/drugstore products in certain categories. Thisnpost will be comparing contour products! Hope you enjoy xxxx

SEVENTEEN CONTOUR KIT - £5.99 - (full review here)

This little contour kit is a duo of a matte highlight and contour powder. The packaging is reminiscent of Nars, which makes the product feel a lot more high end. The contour powder is slightly more warm toned than others in my collection, but it doesn't transfer as orange or too warm on the skin. The staying power is brilliant and the contour always looks so natural yet defined. For just £6, this product is amazing!


This contour palette has 8 shades in it - three of which are contour powders. The shades are similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit, although not exactly the same. Unfortunately they lack pigmentation, they aren't terrible but definitely not as pigmented as others, such as the Seventeen kit. There are a variety of shades which will suit most people with light to medium skin tones. I personally prefer the middle shade, as it is a perfect cool toned shade without looking grey.


I only have the mini version of the Hoola bronzer, as it came in a Benefit gift set. This isn't specifically marketed as a contour powder, more as a bronzer, however it can do both! As it is a bronzer it is slightly more warm toned but it still creates a natural definition to the cheeks. It is so pigmented and buttery smooth - it is a dream to blend! Inlove this product.


I received this as a birthday present from my Dad and I haven't stopped using it since. You receive three setting/highlighting powders in this palette and three contour powders. I use the shade 'Java' in the middle which is a perfectly cool toned shade that creates such a natural shadow to the cheekbones. I then deepen the contour using the shade 'Fawn' which is on the left. All of the shades are crazy pigmented and buttery, completely worth the money!

Personally I think that high end contour products are worth the money due to their high pigmentation, lovely texture and how beautifully they blend. However there are some great drugstore gems out there, such as the Seventeen kit.

Do you contour? What do you use?

Byeee! x


  1. I don't wear contour but I might try the Seventeen one now! x

  2. I love how you give a full review on each of the products! Great post as always xx

  3. So in love with the Anastasia kit - need to get my hands on one!! Lovely post as always Xx