Saturday, 13 February 2016

Top Hair Hacks and Tips | Guest Post

Hello everyone,

I'm Najida from my blog called The Average Gurl and I am so excited to be doing a guest post on Phoebida's blog! I am going to share with you my fave tips/hacks for hair which you shouldn't ignore. So let's begin!

Hack: Normally you use hair cream to tame down the frizz on the ends of your hair. (Never use hair cream on your roots or it gets greasy). If you run out of hair cream or it’s really expensive for a good quality product, use your hand cream. Hand cream and hair cream have nearly the exact same ingredients and it also tames down frizz and moisturises your hair. So you only need to buy hand cream for your hair and hands. No need to spend more. The bonus thing about this hack is if you love the scent of your hand cream, your hair will smell nice too.

Hack: When your hair is damp after you have a shower, put your hair onto a top knot. You can leave it up until it dries for a lot of volume. Personally, if you sleep on it, you get more volume that lasts longer. I love this hack because my hair is thin and flat and it actually puts life into your hair.

Tip: 1 hour before you get inside the shower/bath, apply coconut oil first from the ends to the roots. Once you have washed your hair twice, you will have moisturised, conditioned, silky and smooth hair!

Tip: Usually, when you put your hair into a ponytail for the whole day, the hair bobble puts a dent on your hair. So when you have your hair out afterwards, it looks odd with a sudden dent on your hair. To fix this, use a scrunchie as its made out of fabric. Now you will not be stressed about having a dent in your hair by putting it up with a regular hair bobble.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And leave a comment on which hack/tip was your favourite.

The Average Gurl