Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Is the Naked Palette Worth The Hype?

Hey guys, it's Phoebe. For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the famous Urban Decay Naked Palette from my grandparents, and I haven't stopped using it ever since. It costs £38, which is a crazy amount for 12 eyeshadows,  so, is it worth the hype?

The original naked palette has velvet packaging with gold lettering. It attracts dust which is slightly annoying but if you look after it it is okay. It is made out of cardboard like material and has a small mirror inside. The actual packaging isn't the most glamorous, but it's the actual product that counts!

When you open up this palette you see a beautiful range of warm toned eyeshadows. If you like cool toned eyeshadows, the Naked 2 would probably be more suited for you. The eyeshadows are ordered beautifully so they are roughly light to dark. The colours vary from golds to pinks to browns!

VIRGIN | this eyeshadow is a satin white, which I wear everyday for school. It isn't too white so it looks lovely and subtle on your lids. Virgin is incredibly pigmented and buttery.

SIN | a light pink eyeshadow with lots of shimmer. Sin is probably one of my most used shadows in this palette, it is very light reflecting and beautiful!

NAKED | this may be the most buttery and pigmented eyeshadow I've ever used. Naked is a stunning matte brown shade which is a great transition colour for the crease.

SIDECAR | I don't even know how to describe this colour, it's just stunning! I guess it's just a shimmery light brown with a hint of micro glitter. This is an amazing eyeshadow for just a simple wash of colour.

BUCK | This is another matte shadow, but slightly darker brown. It is slightly less pigmented but still gorgeous! Again, I love this in the crease, especially with Sin on the lid.

HALF BAKED | A gold shimmery shade, Half Baked just speaks for itself. It is stunning, with great pigmentation and texture as always.

SMOG | Smog is a shimmery brown/bronze which compliments Half Baked perfectly. It is slightly gold toned brown I would say, and is, again, very pigmented.

DARKHORSE | This colour is similar to Smog but less gold toned and darker. I feel like Half Baked, Smog, and Darkhorse are just meant to be worn together, they go together so perfectly.

TOASTED | I love this shadow so much. It comes off as more pink in the pan, but on the lid it is more of a brown toned pink. It is shimmery and perfect for any kind of look!

HUSTLE | I don't know if I've mentioned this but I have a love for mauve makeup. This eyeshadow is no exception, Hustle is a dark mauve that looks gorgeous smoked out in the crease.

CREEP | another eyeshadow with micro glitter, Creep is a black/blue glittery shade. I haven't worn this out but I think it would be perfect for smokey eyes!

GUNMETAL | This is the least wearable shade in the palette - a glittery blue colour. I really need to play around with this as it looks like such a fun shade! Like every other shade in the palette, it is buttery and pigmented.

I also want to add that unlike most brushes that come with palettes, this one is actually really good! I like using it to pack on eyeshadow and then my Real Techniques ones to blend.

Overall I would say that this palette is definitely worth the hype, and I can tell a big difference with the quality of these compared to my Mac or drugstore ones.

What is your favourite shade?

Byeee! x


  1. I really want a Naked palette but I can't decide whether to get the 1 or the 3?! Your post has really tempted me to get the first one! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. I so want the 3! Glad it helped :) xo

  2. My favourite shade is the side car.
    This was a really good review! Love your blog

  3. I really want a naked palette but I don't know which one to get so this has really helped me.

  4. I've never been quite sure whether it's worth the hype but I'm super tempted to save up for one now! Such a helpful post Xx

    1. I never thought it would be either! Thank you xo

  5. I really love this palette, it's one of my top favorites, but the packaging really sucks, I've had to glue it back together because it falls apart :(


    1. Yeah, I wish they'd update the packaging because I have to be super careful with mine! xo