Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Rose Gold Eyes

If anything's on trend right now, it's rose gold. And I'm loving it! I've been loving using rose gold toned eyeshadows at the moment because they compliment the colour of my blue eyes so nicely. I actually think copper tones compliment any eye colour, so anyone can jump on board with this!

MAC All That Glitters | £10
This is probably one of my all time favourite eyeshadows, it's stunning. A lot of eyeshadows by MAC can be sub quality but this is a real gem. The shade is a very soft rose gold, it's so flattering and has a beautiful satin sheen to it. 

MAC Jest | £10
This is another MAC eyeshadow I've been impressed with. Jest is a lot more light pink than rose gold, but it looks gorgeous as an inner corner highlight with a rosey lid. It's a frost finish so it glimmers when it catches the light.

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette | £4
For anyone on a budget, this palette is perfect. Recognise it? It's a perfect Naked 3 dupe and I'm sure you've heard about it before. The shades are pigmented for 33p each, especially the gold in the middle. The darker shades are quite chalky and patchy but nothing a good old blend can't sort out. You can't actually see the first, white shade in the swatch photo because it was like the same colour as my arm (whyyyy).

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Swatches

Seventeen Mono Eyeshadow 'Statuesque' | £3.89
I'm not sure if this eyeshadow is still for sale or not but I can't find it on the Boots website!! This was my first ever eyeshadow, and only in the past couple of years have I been able to fully appreciate how pretty it is. I received it for free with a bronze lipgloss and a cream bronzer (I literally had no clue what that was) when I bought 3 nail polishes back in 2012. It's a stunning rose gold colour with a slight purple tone to it.

Freedom Shimmer Eyeshadow '02' | £2
This is literally a copper eyeshadow, like, have you seen anything like it? And for £2!! The pigmentation is crazy, and while I prefer the softness of ATG, it's pretty impressive still. It's a little tough to blend at times but that I don't mind considering the price. This is gorgeous in the crease/outer third with ATG on the lid and Jest in the inner corner.

Top to Bottom: Seventeen 'Statuesque', Freedom 02, MAC All That Glitters,
MAC Jest

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. Yasss,I love rose gold(rose gold hangers,pots,packaging-the lot)so if anything gives me the excuse to buy more I'll be right there.The Makeup Revolution pallet looks gorge! x

  2. The swatches of the Makeup Revolution palette look pretty! Wish we had that brand over in Canada!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. Beautiful shades!

  4. all that glitters is so perfect and also, there is a beautiful rosegold shade in the naked 3 palette.