Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lush Rosy Cheeks

I've been loving Lush for a good few years now, and some of their bath bombs have been repurchased countless times by me. For some reason, though, I have never tried any of their skincare at all! So when I did a Lush order, I decided to pick up a face mask along with a few bath bits.

Before I review the actual mask, I'd just like to recommend to buy in-store rather than online whenbuying fresh skincare. It arrived fine, but it was made 2 weeks before my order arrived so I didn't have the full month to use it before it expires. Next time I'll definitely go to my closest Lush shop instead of ordering to get the full value for money!

I decided to buy 'Rosy Cheeks' which is a very pretty pink colour. It has a subtle, fresh rose scent - hence the name - which I find quite relaxing actually. This mask is meant to mattify the skin yet leave it feeling smooth and nourished. For my skin, it does exactly that. It also helps soothe any breakouts I have which is great because sometimes my spots can get a bit red and angry!

The pot is quite deceivingly small, I thought there wouldn't be much use out of it but I've used it thrice now and it doesn't look very used at all! Considering the expiry date is about a month after its made, that's quite a good amount of product.

I'm definitely going to buy this again (in store) when it passes its use by date because it works wonders!

Have you tried any of the Lush face masks?



  1. Ooh it sounds impressive, just a shame the pot is so small! xx

  2. This sounds nice! I've always been intrigued by the fresh face masks at Lush but never bought one. I'll have to get this next time!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge // Enter My Giveaway!

    1. I think you'll love it! I really want to try out some more xx

  3. I love this Rosy Cheeks Highlighter, so stunning and is great for people with normal or dry skin. Cream highlighters are my favourite types of formulas <3

    xo, Yasmin

    1. This is a face mask, not sure if you read the post properly! xx