Monday, 4 January 2016

The Best of Phoebida 2015


Hey guys, we thought that we would put together our 8 most popular posts of 2015 to summarise the highlights of the year. We have also included links to similar posts if you would like to read some of our older content! So without further ado -

Also every blogpost mentioned has a link attached, as well as any blogs. The link colour is black so we thought we would mention it, as it isn't obvious!

1.  25 Blogpost Ideas For When You Run Out Of Them

This is a post full of ideas for when you get blogger block to give you ideas for what to post about! These types of posts have helped us a lot in the past so we wanted to do one ourselves. Since it is our most popular post, we will probably do another!

2. 5 Lip Products For Winter

This is a very recent post that has done surprisingly well! The title says it all: it's about our top three lip products for winter.

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3. Versatile Blogger Award

This isn't technically a proper blogpost but this is an award we got nominated for, to encourage smaller blogs like ours and versatile, creative content.

4. Abida's Autumn Must Haves

In this post, Abida talks about her essentials and must haves for autumn/winter, which is definitely worth the read! It is full of a variety of things such as beauty, food, TV, fashion etc.

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5. 3 Makeup Favourites

Throwback alert - this is our second post ever! Ah it is probably so cringe worthy haha!! Basically in this post we each share our top 3 makeup faves at the time.

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6.  Phoebe's Autumn Must Haves

See above, the same as no.4 but Phoebe's!

7. Autumn Pamper Routine | Collab

This was a collab with the lovely  Meet Me In Melford, who has supported our blog from practically the beginning. Her blog is amazing! This is a post all about what we would do on a typical pamper night for autumn and winter.

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8. Phoebe's November Favourites

Another recent post, this is all about what Phoebe loved in November. We really like the photography in this one haha!

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9. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

This is a review Phoebe did on the contour palette released in the summer by Makeup Revolution, one of the brands we both love a lot. It includes swatches so it's definitely worth a read!

Similar posts; The Perfect Palette For Autumn

10. Best Friend Tag

Ahhh our first ever post!! The memories. We thought this would be a cute way to start off our blog to get to know us a bit better, so it's so worth going back and reading. We talk about inside jokes, hilarious memories, how we met and so on!

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So that rounds up the best of Phoebida, 2015. We started in May and are so grateful for every page view,  comment,  share, follow and kind words. We can't believe we now have over 2.1k followers on Instagram (@phoebida) and 41 followers here on blogger. We are thinking of starting a phoebida snapchat soon, so let us know if you'd like that!

What was your favourite Phoebida post from 2015?

Byeee! x


  1. This is so cute, I have literally gone and read every post, I loved the blog post ideas one especially you should do this again xx

  2. Love your blog posts and I always enjoy reading them.My favourite was the post for writers block. So helpful!

    The Average Gurl xxx