Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Phoebe's November Favourites

So November feels like it just flew past! I have a couple of new products in this post that I haven't really talked about much before, and also a bunch of products I've had for ages but never really loved until recently. Hope you enjoy this post, and if you haven't already, make sure you check out Abida's favourites for November too!

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream

Basically a moisturiser with a fancy name - this product has the lightest consistency I've ever felt in a moisturiser. And despite this, it still completely hydrates, protects and moisturises my skin! I always use this before makeup and occasionally before bed. I only have a tester, and the full size is ridiculously expensive, so if you don't want to splash out, I also recommend the Garnier Moisture Match for Dry to Very Dry Skin.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer

I've only ever tried one primer before this: my trusty Maybelline Baby Skin (which I still love and use) but a few months ago I bought this during a 3 for 2 offer. I love this because its so different to the Maybelline one, so I always know which one to use. This primer is very moisturising and has more of a creamy texture. I would definitely recommend this primer, it helps my makeup stay on all day, and is perfect for winter too.

Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba

This was actually my first ever blush. I never really used it before, but recently I've been loving it. It is a matte, quite dark peach which compliments any look. For only £2, the pigmentation and buttery texture is incredible. The packaging isn't the most foolproof but nothing really to complain about, especially considering the price tag.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige

Honestly, I have been using this non stop this month. The cool toned matte brown shade is so flattering and creamy. A lot of times this month, I have gone to my eyeshadow but reached for only this just because I can trust it and I know I can achieve the look I want easily. I tend not to use a brush as I thing fingers just allow the pigment to show better. I definitely need to pick up more of these cream eyeshadows!

Benefit They're Real Tenited Primer (sample size)

As soon as I find out that the December issue of ELLE included a mini size of this new product (launching in 2016) I had to get it. Basically, it is a brown coloured lash primer for before or instead of mascara. I've been using this loads on 'no makeup' makeup days, as the brown colour is so natural. It's not amazing under mascara, and I don't think it makes that much of a difference, but I do love it on its own! 

MAC Lipstick in Brave

Finally, I've been loving my MAC lipstick in Brave because it goes with any look. I think it is a very versatile lip product and suits any season, be it summer or winter. I love the almost matte, satin finish and its vanilla scent! I've mentioned it a lot before but I really do recommend it as a starter high end lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this post, leave blog post requests in the comments below! :) x

Byeee! x


  1. Phoebe,
    I use the 'They're real' primer and mascara and I adore them. Would you recommend any of these products to someone with an extremely pale complexion? I can never seem to find any make up that will blend in with my porcelain skin tone.
    Thank you and I can't wait to read more,
    Daydreamer xo

    1. I think all of these products would be great for a pale complexion! Not mentioned in this post, but then Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation goes up to very light shades! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! :) x

  2. I love reading your monthly favourites! And I can totally agree that November flew past. Really enjoying your posts xxx

  3. Hi just read your blog and I love it its so good! xx

  4. Do you think Mac lipsticks are worth the money ??? Xx

    1. Personally, I think so. I actually just ordered Velvet Teddy! They last so long on your lips and the colour pay off is amazing xx