Monday, 16 November 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

Hey guys its Phoebe! Makeup Revolution is a fairly new brand, and one that is quickly becoming more and more known and loved. I've mentioned quite a few of their products in the past, such as their eyeshadow palettes, and I truly love this brand. One of my more recent purchases from Makeup Revolution is this Ultra Contour Palette. It has 8 shades to enhance your natural face shape.

The packaging is super sleek and looks professional which is rare for a high street product. It is only £8, so if you compare that to the ABH Contour Palette, it is £31 less and you also get extra two shades! I don't have the ABH palette so I can't accurately compare but there are plenty of reviews online that compare the two.

Top Row:

The first shade in the top row is a transparent setting powder. It is slightly more on the pink-toned side but its not noticeable once on your skin. I love this as an all-over face powder.
The next shade is a banana powder which I use everyday for setting my under eye concealer. This is great and helps prevent creasing. The yellow tones counteract the blue/purple.
The third shade is a buttery, champagne highlight. I love this as it gives the skin a really nice sheen on the tops of your cheekbones.
Finally, this is a white glitter highlight. This is my least favourite colour in the palette as personally I think it is very difficult to wear, too glittery and chalkier in texture compared to the rest of the palette, which are buttery.

Bottom Row:

There are three contour shades in the bottom row and one highlight.
The first contour shade I use everyday for bronzing my face. It gives my face a beautiful natural glow (without being shimmery)
The second, I use for contouring but I don't contour much. It is a perfect grey-toned brown for the hollows of your cheekbones to mimick a shadow.
The third contour shade is the least used as it is way too dark for me. The only way I use it is as an eyeshadow because it looks beautiful in the crease.
Lastly, this third highlight shade is a bronze, warm highlight which is surprisingly natural to the skin. it gives a lovely warm, radiant finish without too much shimmer in it.

All in all I think this palette is amazing for the price as the majority of the shades are creamy and pigmented. I use at least 4 shades everytime I wear makeup and they sit beautifully on my skin.

Also, this is the first blogpost where I've used my camera (Nikon Coolpix L820) to take the photos. Hope you see a difference in quality and enjoyed this review!

Byeee! x


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  2. Oooh!! This is a lovely palette, the colours are gorgeous. Bobo xoxo