Sunday, 18 October 2015

Abida's Autumn Must Haves

Now the days are getting longer and colder, it is the perfect time to do a must haves post I think! I've included a range of beauty, fashion, food and more. All of the things I have listed are absolute essentials for me in autumn and I hope you enjoy!

I absolutely love hot chocolate! It cheers me up on gloomy days and it is also the perfect thing to have on a cold or rainy day because it is so warm and makes you feel cosy. You could also put some cream or marshmallows on it as well to make it extra special and yummy.

*cough* *cough* Phoebe! During the autumn season there is or will be a lot of raining depending one where you live.  Because we live in England, we get a lot of bad weather especially in autumn so waterproof mascara is a compulsory! This means your mascara and eye makeup will stay on all day long.

This is the best thing to have in autumn because it goes with every outfit that I wear this season! And I also think they are adorable. They are also so cosy and really comfortable to wear now that it's colder, and it will keep your feet really warm.

You seriously have to watch the TV show Big Bang Theory for a laugh, it is amazing and hilarious. It will instantly lift your mood as well! Its just so cool I don't even know how to describe it. Each episode is only 20 minutes and it's a really good programme to just put on while you're doing something else, or even sitting on the sofa with blankets and a hot chocolate!

Since its cold at Autumn there's a high chance your nose will turn bright red or you could get a cold and that could also cause it, so you need a good concealer to cover that up and even out your skin tone a bit more. One that stays on all day will be good so it doesn't budge from your nose if you need to blow it as well.

So that's all for my autumn must haves/essentials. Hope you enjoyed it, Phoebe's will be up later this week.

Byeee! x


  1. This was such a cute post!! xx -

  2. I love the big bang theory! :)
    excellent post, love your blog!
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x

  3. Hot chocolate and Ugg boots are my Autumn must haves aswell! Another one of mine is a blanket x