Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Back To School Series : After School Routine

Hey guys it's Abida! I'm going to talk you through my after school routine. This is the last post of our Back to School series, we hope you liked it! Leave a comment telling us if you did! Also, our instagram just hit 800 followers, thank you so so so much for that and for 13 followers on here - it means a lot. Hope you enjoy this post :)

Firstly, when it is time to go home (usually about 3:20), I tend to get picked up by someone or I would walk home. When I reach home the first thing I do is run up to my room and flop onto my bed! I stay there for a couple of minutes or until I want to change into more comfortable clothes. After that I would take any make up off and go to the kitchen and grab a snack. I then go back to my room, eat, then go on all my social media.

This goes in for a couple of hours until my mum tells me to do my homework. So what I do is play some music while I am doing my homework to make it less boring and it helps me concentrate. I always put my phone on silent so if I do get any notifications I won't get distracted! After all my homework is done it is dinner time.

After dinner, I go on Netflix to watch a film - and when that is finished I get things ready for school the next day. Finally,  after that is all done, I do my skincare and go to sleep!

Hope you enjoyed this post and the back to school series! Love you all!

Byeee! x


  1. Nice post. I have the same duvet cover as you heheha!

  2. You could maybe do a "must haves autumn edition" post. I would love to read it! Btw, I loved reading this post��

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