Sunday, 30 August 2015

Back to School Series : Healthy Lunches

Hey everyone! This is the first part in our back to school series which is so exciting! Well be posting everyday for four days :) we also have 8 people following our blog sp which doesn't sound like a lot but it means so much to us so thank you! For the first post of the series we're going to share some healthy lunch ideas (as requested on our instagram by @meetmeinmelford)

Abida's ideas:

#1: Fruit Salad ♡

Eating fruit salad for lunch can help you get your five-a-day fruit and vegetable quota for a healthy balanced nutrition. Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre. They also contain natural sugars! Fruits help keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Avoid added sugars and keep the skin on fruit for more fibre! Fruits to put in the salad include: apple, pear, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, mango and more!

#2: Granola with Yoghurt ♡

Another idea for a healthy lunch is granola and yoghurt.  This is good to eat because it has protein, calcium and fibre in it! It also helps your immune system. You can get different types of granola and different flavours of yoghurt to suit you and what you like! To make it better you can top it with your favourite fruits which are enriched with vitamins and minerals. To he even healthier you can use low fat yogurt as well!

Now moving onto Phoebe's ideas:

#3: Wholemeal Wraps ♡

My first idea are wholemeal wraps with salad and a meat of your choice such as chicken or turkey inside! This means you get carbohydrates which give you lots of energy for school, protein and vitamins and minerals from the salad! Wholemeal wraps are better than normal due to being low in fat and sodium but high in simple sugars and fibre. Also, most of the carbohydrates in wholemeal wraps are complex carbohydrates;  these help reduce spikes in blood sugar levels.

#4: Pasta Salad ♡

This is good to make the night before if you're not a morning person! You could you whole grain pasta instead of normal for the same benefits as whole meal wraps! To make it healthier than the traditional pasta salad,  swap the mayonnaise with low fat Greek yoghurt! Make sure you add lots of vegetables and herbs and go easy on the dressing! :)

That's it for the first part of our BTS Series! Hope you enjoyed :) leave a comment and follow us!

Byeee! x

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